GiveBIG for a Good(win)!

Every donation between now and May 6, 2020, will count toward our overall GiveBIG goal and will make a difference for our families.

Goodwin Connections has been supporting Puget Sound families since 1907. Together, we’ve helped families through the influenza outbreak of 1918, the Great Depression, and two world wars. Throughout our long and rich history, our ability to show flexibility and respond to changing needs has given us the ability to continue our work.

Now, our student parents and their families are facing uncharted territory with the COVID-19 outbreak. Many are unsure if they’ll be able to complete their classes and graduate this spring, and some are scrambling to fill the holes in childcare that school closures have left.

For the last several decades we have focused on making childcare more affordable for student-parents who are earning a college degree. Today, we need to expand that focus to include keeping students housed, fed, and healthy.

Our students are resilient; thanks to generous donors and corporate support we have ensured that each of them has what they need to complete spring quarter from home.
However, this work is far from done. When school resumes in the fall, many of our students will be facing a vastly different landscape. Childcare, already in short supply, may be harder to find. Childcare centers throughout the region have closed, and it’s unclear how many will reopen.

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get to work to support our community, just as we’ve done for over a century. A gift of $25, $50, or $100, in addition to your annual gift, will help us get students to graduation day.

Learn more about the student parents you are supporting with your gift.

If you would prefer to schedule your gift and have it go through on May 6, you can do so at our GiveBIG campaign page at:


We would like to thank a generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for matching GiveBIG donations up to a total of $5,000.

We’d also like to acknowledge and thank our technology sponsor, Softchoice Cares for funding computers and internet access for students, along with our partners at Interconnection, for working so quickly to get students online.

We’re incredibly grateful to be part of such a generous and compassionate community.

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