Softchoice, our technology sponsor

Last fall, we began surveying our students about their technology access and needs. We discovered that students were borrowing neighbors’ computers to complete assignments, using computers with cracked screens, and relying heavily on computer and printer access on campus. And, when college campuses closed this spring and went online, access to reliable and current technology became a barrier for students to complete their courses.

The timing of Goodwin Connections’ new partnership with Softchoice Cares could not have been better. Just before the COVID-19 crisis hit, we received $11,600 in funding to launch a Technology Fund for our student parents. In addition, just weeks after schools closed, Softchoice pledged to make an additional donation to support Goodwin Connections’ families.

Softchoice Cares is the charitable endeavor of the employees of Softchoice. Employees raise funds throughout the year to support nonprofits with technology needs.

To make this all work for our families, we are also partnering with another local nonprofit, Interconnection, on sourcing and setting up laptops and Wi-Fi hot spots for our families who need them. This is one of those win-win connections we love so much!

All families who are continuing in our Family Connections Program for the 2020-21 school year will have the opportunity to apply over this summer for technology funding. Thank you to Softchoice and its employees for supporting our parents as they get closer to graduation day.

Richard Selany and Phoenix Drayton from Softchoice Cares join the Goodwin Board of Directors and staff during a board meeting earlier this year.


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