Graduation Days Are Here Again!

We are happily singing with excitement for our graduates this year! We are so proud of our student parents and their incredible accomplishments, especially under the most strenuous of circumstances.

Throughout it all, our student parents managed to keep an average cumulative GPA of 3.6. They truly amaze us with their academic accomplishments. Congrats to all!

Santosh, Seattle Pacific University, Accounting

Amber, Seattle Central College, Allied Health, Surgery Assistant

Rebecca, Seattle Central College, Applied Behavioral Science

Maria, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Architectural Tech

Melinda, UW Seattle, Business Information Systems

Kimcuc, Bellevue College, Business Tech

Jazmin, Everett Community College, Business Tech

Dahbia, Highline College, Chemistry

Sarah, UW Seattle, Chemistry

Christine, UW Seattle, Clinical Health Services

Emelyn, UW Tacoma, Community Planning

Mahiliet, Highline College, Computer Science

Marina, Renton Technical College, Computer Science

Robert, UW Tacoma, Computer Science

Carrie, Clover Park Technical College, Dental Associate

Tybrenna, Seattle Central College, Dental Hygiene

Larriett, Seattle Central College, Dental Hygiene

Alicia, North Seattle College, Early Childhood Education

Teresa, UW Seattle, Health Administration

Denise Nicole, ANEW, Masonry

Manuela, Pierce College, Mental Health

Ezinne, Seattle University, Midwifery

Socheata, Highline College, Network Security Engineer

Samantha, Pacific Lutheran University, Nursing

Briana, Pierce College, Nursing

Andrea, Shoreline Community College, Nursing

Dominique, Shoreline Community College, Nursing

Chelsea, Bastyr University, Nutrition

Olga, Edmonds Community College, Pre-nursing

Briana, Green River College, Pre-nursing

Embeba, North Seattle College, Pre-nursing

Gabrielle, Shoreline Community College, Pre-nursing

Jessica, UW Seattle, Public Administration

Linda, UW Seattle, Public Health

Ayan, Seattle Central College, Social Work

Sara, UW Seattle, Social Work

Angeline, UW Seattle, Social Work

Kelsey, Northwest University, Teaching

Analilia, Seattle Pacific University, Teaching

Lisa, North Seattle College, Ultrasound

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