A tribute to Joy

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Goodwin’s longest-supporting member, Joy Goodenough, passed away at the age of 85. She began attending events with her mother when she was a young girl and her dedication to our organization’s cause continued throughout her life.

Joy Goodenough (far right) as a kindergartner modeling for a style show put on by her mother’s (Sally Vanasse) giving circle to benefit Seattle Milk Fund in the 1940s.

Joy became a member in 1959 and began the beloved Katherine B. Friele Circle. Over the years, she introduced many of her cherished friends and neighbors to the organization. A consummate leader, she would often mentor other women, encourage new members, and support Board Presidents.

“Joy was sooo fun! She was my mentor during my time as theBoard President. Every Christmas, she would take me out to tea. We loved to have time to celebrate our friendship.”
– Carolyn Baker, past Board President


Lynn Murphy and Carolyn Baker with Joy Goodenough (seated) during a holiday get-together.

Three years ago, Goodwin staff honored Joy by naming its annual holiday giving season, JOYful Giving, after her. Joy always loved to donate to Goodwin Connections to honor her friends and family over the holidays.

As a past Board President and a member of numerous committees, Joy relished her role as Goodwin’s historian in recent years. At the beginning of Board meetings and other events, she would find passages from our organization’s history book and she would lovingly recite the eloquent words of the women who built the Seattle Fruit and Flower Mission and eventually the Seattle Milk Fund. The words were always inspired and uplifting, just like Joy.

“Joy lit up every room and event she entered and led with her heart. What a lovely woman and ambassador for your organization!”
– Marla Miller, past Board President

The office will miss Joy “zipping down the hill to say, ‘hi’” to chat about her grandchildren and inquire about Goodwin’s families and how they were doing. Thanks, dear Joy, for being an advocate for our families all these many years. We will miss you.

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