Strength, in their words

Our student parents inspire us every single day. Each year, 96% of student parents in our program stay on track to graduation day. Their personal courage and love for their children matched with their persistence and resourcefulness keep them focused on building brighter futures for their families.

Twice a year, we welcome new student parents into our program, and every quarter, we witness parents graduate college and embark on their new careers. The coordinated ebb and flow of our program keeps us in a positive forward motion— welcoming new families and celebrating the triumphs of our grads as they finish their degrees and land new jobs.

Throughout the 2021 calendar year:
38 parents graduated and launched
new careers

88 student parents made progress
towards their goal of earning a degree

165 children got a great start to their
educational journeys

We are often asked, “How do student parents do it all?” The truth is, each one possesses a unique mix of skills and determination that contributes to their success. To get a sense of what drives them, we ask our parents as they enter our program: “What are your strengths?”

Here’s how our parents see themselves, in their words…


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