Meet Shirley

Raised by her grandmother in Guatemala, Shirley was constantly inspired by her grandmother’s love of community and her overwhelming propensity to give back.

After arriving in the U.S. as a teen and encountering many challenges, two of Shirley’s biggest dreams are about to come true, graduating from the University of Washington and becoming a social worker.

As a college student who is parenting, Shirley feels the tension between taking courses full-time and being a mom to a 1-year-old. Shirley is so close to graduation day, and Goodwin Connections and its supporters will be there for Shirley to act as an extension of her family’s support system these last few months.

Goodwin helps Shirley with more affordable childcare that allows her to attend school full-time and complete her social work practicum at El Centro de la Raza, a community-based, Latino-led organization where Shirley received support services as a teen.

By providing assistance with out-of-pocket childcare costs, supplying basic family essentials, and offering career development opportunities, Goodwin meets student parents where they are and supports them in where they want to go.

We are honored to share Shirley’s inspirational story of dreaming big and giving back.

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