Where Brighter Futures Take Root

Mission: Connecting families to educational opportunities that build financial stability and create generational change.

Vision: For all families to thrive, so our community does too.

Goodwin connects families to educational opportunities that build financial stability and create generational change. Our program’s two-generational approach to lifting families out of poverty is a solution to our region’s rising living costs and the urgent need for a skilled and educated workforce. Our program is truly changing lives for this generation and the next.

Our Family Connections Program supports the entire family. When families are accepted into the program, they become eligible for childcare or preschool tuition assistance for their children. By supporting low-income families with childcare and preschool expenses, it allows parents to attend college full-time, focus on their studies, graduate in a timely manner, and ultimately embark on a career that pays a living wage. At the same time, their children receive a quality early-learning opportunity–giving them a great start on their own educational journey.

Our program supports parents from the first day they enter our program through college graduation day. For 73% of our student parents, they will become the first college graduate in their family. For all of our student parents, our program alleviates a major barrier toward completing their first college degree--the budget-breaking cost of childcare or preschool.

While in our program, student parents have access to staff and volunteer team that will cheer them on and provide resources as they take this important step toward a brighter financial future. In addition, student parents are offered career development opportunities such as headshots and job readiness workshops. All family members receive basic needs support.

Our students are determined and hardworking. We are proud of our student parents’ 96% quarter completion rate and 3.67 quarterly GPA (as of spring quarter 2021). Our students give back to society and the local economy. 60% of our graduates earn STEM degrees. Our student parents become our community’s next nurses, teachers, accountants, scientists, engineers, and tech workers.

Throughout each academic quarter, Goodwin supports, on average: 98 parents, 132 children, and 305 family members. Throughout the entire 2021-22 academic year, Goodwin has supported 119 student parents and their families.

As one of Washington’s longest-running nonprofits, Goodwin Connections has been building brighter futures for families since 1907.

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