A letter to our community

Dear Goodwin Community,

After decades of collective support of families, with Goodwin Connections leading the way in this space for over 100 years, student parents have more access to childcare subsidies than ever before through federal, state, and local government programs. In the Puget Sound region alone, there are over 14 different programs that will pay for childcare for low-income families, including student parents. For this reason, Goodwin Connections will close our doors as of June 2023.

Over 115 years ago Goodwin Connections was one of the few charitable organizations in the region; today there are over 21,000 non-profit organizations in Seattle / King County. We are proud of the work the Seattle Fruit and Flower Mission / Seattle Milk Fund / Goodwin Connections has done to prioritize student parents before widespread public funding was available. Just as we evolved with the emerging needs of parents and their families over the past several decades, we are committed to investing our remaining funds where we can make the greatest impact in our community today.

The board is undertaking a rigorous analysis of mission-aligned organizations and invited a handful to go through an application process to receive remaining assets. The remaining assets will propel another organization and be a meaningful gift for organizations whose mission aligns with the intention of building intergenerational financial stability for low-income families in the region. We appreciate your steadfast commitment to Goodwin’s mission and will share the organizations we have decided to support by May 2023.

We know these funds used by local organizations will build brighter futures for families, and we know that the legacy of our work will be felt for generations to come.


Goodwin Board of Directors

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