A tribute to Joy

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Goodwin’s longest-supporting member, Joy Goodenough, passed away at the age of 85. She began attending events with her mother when she was a young girl and her dedication to our organization’s cause continued throughout her life.

Joy Goodenough (far right) as a kindergartner modeling for a style show put on by her mother’s (Sally Vanasse) giving circle to benefit Seattle Milk Fund in the 1940s.

Joy became a member in 1959 and began the beloved Katherine B. Friele Circle. Over the years, she introduced many of her cherished friends and neighbors to the organization. A consummate leader, she would often mentor other women, encourage new members, and support Board Presidents.

“Joy was sooo fun! She was my mentor during my time as theBoard President. Every Christmas, she would take me out to tea. We loved to have time to celebrate our friendship.”
– Carolyn Baker, past Board President

Lynn Murphy and Carolyn Baker with Joy Goodenough (seated) during a holiday get-together.

Three years ago, Goodwin staff honored Joy by naming its annual holiday giving season, JOYful Giving, after her. Joy always loved to donate to Goodwin Connections to honor her friends and family over the holidays.

As a past Board President and a member of numerous committees, Joy relished her role as Goodwin’s historian in recent years. At the beginning of Board meetings and other events, she would find passages from our organization’s history book and she would lovingly recite the eloquent words of the women who built the Seattle Fruit and Flower Mission and eventually the Seattle Milk Fund. The words were always inspired and uplifting, just like Joy.

“Joy lit up every room and event she entered and led with her heart. What a lovely woman and ambassador for your organization!”
– Marla Miller, past Board President

The office will miss Joy “zipping down the hill to say, ‘hi’” to chat about her grandchildren and inquire about Goodwin’s families and how they were doing. Thanks, dear Joy, for being an advocate for our families all these many years. We will miss you.

Meet Uyen

When I came to the U.S. as an adult in 2015, I had to start everything over again for my new life. I went back to school because only education can make my dream come true. Since I have been a single parent, I understand that I need to be stronger, and I do not want to stop my studies again. I am a new student in the energy field now. I chose my concentration as Sustainable Power Systems. I want to learn about energy sources and how they work.”

-Uyen, Engineering, South Seattle College in King County

Meet Sarah

“I truly believe my GPA was because of this program. Having the childcare stipend helped make it possible for my toddler to be in childcare full time and that gave me the time to focus on my studies and self-care, so really, THANK YOU!!!”

-Sarah, Nursing, Pacific Lutheran University in Pierce County

Meet our soon-to-be graduates!

Throughout the school year, we’ve featured students in their last year of college. Julie, Ray, and Aminah are on their way to graduation day. Because of your support they are going to cross that finish line and into a career they are passionate about and one that can build brighter futures for their families.


Thank you for Giving JOYfully!

You brought the cheer and the JOY in 2021! Thank you for making the end of the year extra special for our families.

Overall, you supported 78 student parents and their children with gifts, books, and gift cards. This additional help kept our families going over the winter break.

We are so grateful to our volunteers for delivering the gift bags across the Puget Sound. And thank you to our sponsors, Capital One Cafè, Parker, Smith & Feek, Daymaker, and Dabbawalla for helping to put extra-big grins on the kiddos’ faces.

Happy New Year to everyone!

JOYful Giving Season

Goodwin’s JOYful Giving Season begins each year on #GivingTuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) and runs through the end of the calendar year.

It’s the time when we celebrate all that you give to student parents, and all they give back in return. By giving generously this holiday, you’ll help our students share their gifts with the world. Your gift will brighten the holiday season for all of our Goodwin families, by providing them with gifts, grocery gift cards, books, and of course, access to affordable childcare.

Hear from Aminah, this season’s featured student parent, how Goodwin Connections has supported her family and her dreams of becoming a social worker.

Not long ago, Aminah was struggling under the weight of being a young mom, a military spouse, and caretaker to her nephews. A social worker from her kids’ school reached out and changed Aminah’s life forever.

Following the advice of this social worker, Aminah learned that it was okay to ask for help, and to continue to dream big and pursue her goals. Aminah recognizes that now, “It’s my time. It’s time for me to spread my wings.”

Aminah was so inspired by the gift this social worker gave her, she committed to paying it forward. She is now in her senior year at UW Tacoma, on track to earn a degree in social work. “I have to be what she was to me,” Aminah says of the woman who changed her life. She is looking forward to seeing the impact she can make on others in her career.

JOYful Giving 
is named in honor of our good friend and longtime supporter, Joy Goodenough. Joy always loved to donate to Goodwin Connections in honor of her loved ones at this time of year. Her legacy reminds us to do all things with great joy and celebrate the friendships in our lives.

A special thank you this year’s JOYful Giving sponsors, Capital One Café, Parker, Smith & FeekDaymaker, and Dabbawalla!


2021 Wreath Sale

Thank you to all who have purchased wreaths for this season. The presale is now closed. A limited number of wreaths will be available during the week of Nov.  15. Questions? Call Sonja at 206-209-7036 or email sonja@goodwinconnections.org.

Greens of fir and pine with juniper and red berries are mounted on metal tubing for a final dimension of 18 inches. Finished for your door with a handmade bow of your choosing! Also, makes for a cheery holiday gift for family, friends, employees, clients, and neighbors!

How would you like to receive your wreath(s)?

Free Delivery

1. Choose “local delivery.” Delivery-area: Everett to Kent and Seattle to Issaquah. If you are just beyond the Greater-Seattle delivery area, please contact us and we can arrange for a meeting spot.
2. Your wreath(s) will be delivered to your doorstep between Wednesday, November 17-Friday, November 19.
3. You will receive a text message, phone call, or email alerting you that your wreath has been delivered.

Pick up

1. Choose “pick up.”
2. Wreaths will be available at 917 1st St, Kirkland, WA 98033  between Wednesday, November 17-Friday, November 19.
3. We will call to confirm a mutually agreed-upon pick-up time.
4. Follow signs to the alley and we will place the wreath(s) in your car.


Viktoria is starting her senior year in her diagnostic ultrasound program at Seattle University. An immigrant from Belarus, she and her husband arrived in U.S. about five years ago and are working towards degrees in the healthcare field. Her daughter, Anna, will be starting Pre-K this fall.  Her ultimate career goal is to help diagnose congenital heart defects at prenatal and postnatal stages. Viktoria’s dream job is to help save babies’ lives.

“I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to go to college without Goodwin Connections’ support and assistance throughout my whole educational journey of a fresh immigrant, a first-generation college graduate, and a parent. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to persevere my career goals and the chance to change my life for the better.” ~Viktoria

Our students have many talents (beyond their academic achievements). Viktoria is also a very talented photographer and recipe developer.

We asked her to create a Happy Hour drink for the end of summer and she developed these beautiful and tasty creations for us. Take a look at Viktoria’s Instagram account for inspired recipes and incredible photos!

Strawberry Spritzer
Ingredients: (makes 1 serving)
4 oz. sauvignon blanc wine
1 oz. vodka
2 tbs rhubarb syrup (or agave nectar)
2-4 fresh strawberries, chopped
Club soda
Mint leaves
Edible flowers (optional)

In a tall glass, place strawberries and muddle them to release the juices. Add syrup, vodka, and wine. Stir the mixture with a spook. Add ice cubes up to the top of the glass. Pour in club soda. Garnish with mint leaves and edible flowers.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade
Ingredients: (makes 4 servings)
8 lemons, juiced, about 1 cup of lemon juice
3/4 cup agave nectar
4 cups water
12-15 strawberries, tops removed
A few more strawberries to garnish
1/2 cup fresh basil

In a tall glass, add the strawberries and basil.
Using an immersion blender, blend the mixture for about 20 seconds just until the mixture turns pink and the basil is finely chopped.

Juice the lemons and transfer the juice into a large pitcher. Add the agave nectar and the water and stir to combine. Add the strawberry-basil mixture. Let cool entirely. Pour over ice into the glasses and garnish with fresh strawberries and basil leaves.


Graduation Days Are Here Again!

We are happily singing with excitement for our graduates this year! We are so proud of our student parents and their incredible accomplishments, especially under the most strenuous of circumstances.

Throughout it all, our student parents managed to keep an average cumulative GPA of 3.6. They truly amaze us with their academic accomplishments. Congrats to all!

Santosh, Seattle Pacific University, Accounting

Amber, Seattle Central College, Allied Health, Surgery Assistant

Rebecca, Seattle Central College, Applied Behavioral Science

Maria, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Architectural Tech

Melinda, UW Seattle, Business Information Systems

Kimcuc, Bellevue College, Business Tech

Jazmin, Everett Community College, Business Tech

Dahbia, Highline College, Chemistry

Sarah, UW Seattle, Chemistry

Christine, UW Seattle, Clinical Health Services

Emelyn, UW Tacoma, Community Planning

Mahiliet, Highline College, Computer Science

Marina, Renton Technical College, Computer Science

Robert, UW Tacoma, Computer Science

Carrie, Clover Park Technical College, Dental Associate

Tybrenna, Seattle Central College, Dental Hygiene

Larriett, Seattle Central College, Dental Hygiene

Alicia, North Seattle College, Early Childhood Education

Teresa, UW Seattle, Health Administration

Denise Nicole, ANEW, Masonry

Manuela, Pierce College, Mental Health

Ezinne, Seattle University, Midwifery

Socheata, Highline College, Network Security Engineer

Samantha, Pacific Lutheran University, Nursing

Briana, Pierce College, Nursing

Andrea, Shoreline Community College, Nursing

Dominique, Shoreline Community College, Nursing

Chelsea, Bastyr University, Nutrition

Olga, Edmonds Community College, Pre-nursing

Briana, Green River College, Pre-nursing

Embeba, North Seattle College, Pre-nursing

Gabrielle, Shoreline Community College, Pre-nursing

Jessica, UW Seattle, Public Administration

Linda, UW Seattle, Public Health

Ayan, Seattle Central College, Social Work

Sara, UW Seattle, Social Work

Angeline, UW Seattle, Social Work

Kelsey, Northwest University, Teaching

Analilia, Seattle Pacific University, Teaching

Lisa, North Seattle College, Ultrasound

Family Connections Program FAQs

Our Program & Community Outreach Manager, Rachel Sanchez, covers our program’s most frequently asked questions about our Family Connections Program for you! Watch the video and learn more about how Goodwin can help you finish your college degree by supporting your family with childcare costs and more.