Program Coordinator

Organizational Summary
As one of Seattle’s longest-running nonprofits (est. 1907), Goodwin Connections has been supporting student parents with the cost of childcare since the early 90s. Our program is an equitable solution to providing access to higher education and early learning opportunities for traditionally underserved families.

We know that educational opportunities are a powerful catalyst for parents who want to give rise to generational change. Goodwin’s Family Connections Program is centered around the needs of parents as they work toward their college degrees. While we meet parents where they are at in their educational journey, we also support them in where they want to go. We are truly inspired by our parents’ dreams to become our community’s next teachers, nurses, tech workers, social workers, scientists, engineers, and more.  

The extremely high cost of childcare in our region is one of the largest barriers to completing a degree for students who are parenting. When families enter our program, their children receive access to a quality early learning experience that helps them prepare for kindergarten and beyond. Our program’s two-generation approach is a “win-win” for parents and their children. 

When student parents have access to affordable and consistent high-quality childcare, they can: 

  • Attend college full-time. Students can focus on their studies and have peace of mind that their child is in a safe learning environment. 
  • Do well in school. Our students average a cumulative 3.67 GPA. 
  • Graduate in a timely manner. 96% of our student parents graduate on time once they enroll in our program. 
  • Launch their career. Graduates are given access to resources and tools to help ensure the transition from college to work is successful. 
  • Help to ensure future educational successes for their children. 73% of our parents are first-generation college students, which makes it more likely their children will go on to college. 

Job summary
The Program Coordinator will provide support for, and play a key role in, all program-related activities at Goodwin Connections. The ideal candidate has a passion for helping families, and an empathetic, inclusive approach to problem-solving. This new position will work closely with and report directly to the Program and Community Outreach Manager. As our program expands, this position has a great deal of growth potential for the right candidate who is enthusiastic about making a difference on a small, dynamic (if we may say so) team. 100% of the position will be related to program activities.

While your career is an important part of your life, we also recognize that it isn’t the only thing. We believe employees should be shown trust and flexibility to thrive creatively, succeed in their position, and be able to manage a healthy work-life balance. This non-exempt, part-time position is currently set for 20 hours per week. The salary range for this position is $24-$26 an hour, dependent on experience. Part-time employees working at least 20 hours per week receive pro-rated PTO hours at the beginning of each quarter, based on % of FTE status for that quarter. Part-time employees also receive 12 paid holidays and 1 personal holiday each year. This position is currently hybrid with both work-from-home hours and in-office hours. 

Goodwin Connections is an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to building a diverse staff. We strongly encourage applications from candidates whose life experiences are reflected in the families we serve. 


  • Manage the program’s digital files and databases. 
  • Ensure compliance with ongoing program requirements (i.e., schedules, credit hours, grades, childcare forms, tracking student graduation dates, and tracking academic plans).
  • Maintain program data and develop reports to be used in grant applications and updates relating to the program. 
  • Provide planning and day-of support for all program-focused events (i.e., JOYful Giving Season, Graduation and Career Events, etc.). 
  • Attend and offer day-of support to development events from a program perspective (i.e., fall fundraiser, GiveBIG, etc.). 
  • Organize and update program-related promotional contacts and resource lists for program participants. 
  • Research other potential funding and support services for program participants in the community. 
  • Make recommendations for procedural improvements, and take initiative in creative problem-solving. 
  • Uphold the highest level of professionalism, care, and respect for the student parents we serve in all written and verbal communication.  
  • Prepare for and attend meetings, trainings, and professional development opportunities. 
  • Show a demonstrated commitment to Goodwin Connections’ mission, vision, and values. 
  • Other duties, as assigned. 

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements 

  • An associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • Between 2-3 years of social work, early learning, higher education, and/or nonprofit-related experience.
  • Demonstrated project management and file keeping experience with attention to details and numbers.
  • Friendly and welcoming interpersonal skills.
  • Desire and ability to work in an open and small, collaborative office environment, and occasionally from home.
  • Embraces teamwork and shares ideas and solutions in group settings.
  • Motivated to work independently and demonstrate initiative in taking on new tasks.
  • Position requires excellent communication skills and writing.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft 365, WordPress (or other content management systems).
  • Candidate will need to learn the RegPack application system and the Bloomerang contact database through online training and 1-on-1 training with other staff.
  • Position requires attendance at evening/weekend meetings and events.
  • Must demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

To Apply 

  • Send your cover letter, resume, and three professional references (please include: name, title, organization, email, and phone number for your references) to The position will be open until filled. 

Graduation Days Are Here Again!

We are happily singing with excitement for our graduates this year! We are so proud of our student parents and their incredible accomplishments, especially under the most strenuous of circumstances.

Throughout it all, our student parents managed to keep an average cumulative GPA of 3.6. They truly amaze us with their academic accomplishments. Congrats to all!

Santosh, Seattle Pacific University, Accounting

Amber, Seattle Central College, Allied Health, Surgery Assistant

Rebecca, Seattle Central College, Applied Behavioral Science

Maria, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Architectural Tech

Melinda, UW Seattle, Business Information Systems

Kimcuc, Bellevue College, Business Tech

Jazmin, Everett Community College, Business Tech

Dahbia, Highline College, Chemistry

Sarah, UW Seattle, Chemistry

Christine, UW Seattle, Clinical Health Services

Emelyn, UW Tacoma, Community Planning

Mahiliet, Highline College, Computer Science

Marina, Renton Technical College, Computer Science

Robert, UW Tacoma, Computer Science

Carrie, Clover Park Technical College, Dental Associate

Tybrenna, Seattle Central College, Dental Hygiene

Larriett, Seattle Central College, Dental Hygiene

Alicia, North Seattle College, Early Childhood Education

Teresa, UW Seattle, Health Administration

Denise Nicole, ANEW, Masonry

Manuela, Pierce College, Mental Health

Ezinne, Seattle University, Midwifery

Socheata, Highline College, Network Security Engineer

Samantha, Pacific Lutheran University, Nursing

Briana, Pierce College, Nursing

Andrea, Shoreline Community College, Nursing

Dominique, Shoreline Community College, Nursing

Chelsea, Bastyr University, Nutrition

Olga, Edmonds Community College, Pre-nursing

Briana, Green River College, Pre-nursing

Embeba, North Seattle College, Pre-nursing

Gabrielle, Shoreline Community College, Pre-nursing

Jessica, UW Seattle, Public Administration

Linda, UW Seattle, Public Health

Ayan, Seattle Central College, Social Work

Sara, UW Seattle, Social Work

Angeline, UW Seattle, Social Work

Kelsey, Northwest University, Teaching

Analilia, Seattle Pacific University, Teaching

Lisa, North Seattle College, Ultrasound

Family Connections Program FAQs

Our Program & Community Outreach Manager, Rachel Sanchez, covers our program’s most frequently asked questions about our Family Connections Program for you! Watch the video and learn more about how Goodwin can help you finish your college degree by supporting your family with childcare costs and more.


Help is here…and more is on the way!

Our healthcare workers

Since the 1990s, Goodwin Connections has supported thousands of student parents with
childcare expenses, college tuition, and basic needs. Throughout that time, hundreds of current healthcare workers earned their college degrees. These moms and dads have been taking care of our community for many years including through the ongoing pandemic.

“Our student parents are incredibly resilient. They have come through the other side of whatever life has thrown at them and they are committed to finishing college and starting their careers,” says Rachel Sanchez, Program & Community Outreach Manager at Goodwin Connections. “Many have been moved by a caring nurse or social worker who got them through a challenging time and have been inspired to give back.”

As we look to the future, nurses, dental hygienists, respiratory therapists, mental health practitioners, and physical therapists will be in very high demand. It is more important than ever to support those who are going into these fields as the U.S. population ages and as healthcare workers retire.

“More than 50% of our current student parents will begin a healthcare-related career after graduation,” says Sanchez. “We’re honored to introduce this next generation—and we’re so inspired by what keeps them motivated, we’re dedicating this issue to hear straight from them. Please join us in thanking these future healthcare workers for their commitment to keeping us healthy and safe.”

“I have worked in the healthcare industry for 10 years now. My goal as a future nursing professional is to support my patients during their time of healing, and educate others to promote healthy lifestyles for our future generations.”
-Nicole, Pacific Lutheran University, Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

“I was unsure of what I wanted to do, so I became a nursing assistant while working on my prerequisites. During that time, I realized nursing was the right career for me. I love helping people, even if it’s something simple and small. Nursing is such a rewarding
job and I wish I would have done this years ago. I will graduate in March 2021, and I am beyond excited to start my career.”
-Gabby, Shoreline Community College, Associate Degree, Nursing Read more.

2019-2020 Impact Report

Throughout the pandemic, our students and their childcare providers have demonstrated time and time again their resilience and strength.  Thank you for being a part of their support system as they build brighter futures for their families.

We are pleased to share our 2019-2020 Impact Report with you.

Recent donor lists

Donor List July 1-Dec 2020

Lunch-In Donors 2020

Donor List Jan 16-June 30 2020

Getting creative with fundraising

Like many nonprofits, in-person fundraising events are a significant portion of our annual goal. Events allow us to gather in community with one another and celebrate the remarkable successes of the families we support.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to hold any in-person events due to COVID-19. And, as we move into the new year, we are looking for creative ideas and partnerships to support our fundraising!

We are grateful for our devoted volunteers and supporters who spread their passion for our program everywhere they go. These folks have helped keep the momentum going throughout the year.

• Goodwin’s volunteer wreath fundraiser brought out our cheerful wreath sellers who engage with friends and family to support Goodwin. Last year, volunteers raised more than $11,000 during their 2020 “socially-distanced” sale. Wreath seller extraordinaire Debbie Geddes’ motto is, “It doesn’t hurt to ask!” This is why she, Lynn Murphy, Sandle Dahl, Lisa Marx, Terry Dessert, Carolyn Baker, and Wanda Urquhart sold the most wreaths ever this year.

Kristin Affolter connected us with her car enthusiast group, the Northwest Alfa Romeo Club, a few years ago and Goodwin has been the beneficiary of their annual fundraiser for three years! Read more.


This month, we are featuring student parents from our Family Connections Program who are going into the healthcare field. We asked them what inspired them to become our community’s next nurses, respiratory therapists, dental hygienists, and mental health professionals. Here’s Embeba’s story, a mom of two, a student at North Seattle College, and a future nurse…

My father molded me to ensure academic success. His influence on my life has brought me to where I am today, a nursing student.

My father was an Eritrean soldier. In 2006, he became sick while he was forced to dig for gold by the Eritrean government for several months. They forced him to keep digging until he got really sick, and then they let him come home. 

After suffering for many months, my father died when I was barely 12. I was angered and saddened, and I thought that if I were a medical professional, I could give him the treatment he needed to save his life. 

His passing shaped my interest in becoming a future healthcare worker. Compelled to begin working in nursing, I am studying so that I can help spare other people from the same pain and loss.  

Since my father’s death, I have hoped to become a skilled and compassionate healthcare provider, and I have reached a pivotal moment in my career in which I am eager for further training and studies so that I can evolve into the medical professional that I envisioned when I lost my father.

With Goodwin Connections financial and emotional support, I have made significant achievements not only in my academics and professionally, but also in my personal life. 

I am currently working towards an Associate Degree in Pre-Nursing at North Seattle College which I plan to finish this quarterAfterwards, I plan to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and eventually a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

I am optimistic that these degree programs will open up rewarding employment opportunities, prepare me for a specialized career path, and offer networking opportunities. 

Regarding my professional endeavors, I am currently a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the Seattle Honor Foundation. Being a member of these organizations has enabled me to develop professional networking opportunities, college tuition scholarships, and professional recognition.  

Regarding my personal life, I am an active participant in my churchSinging in the church choir has helped to fulfill me spirituallyI have been able to serve humanity by assisting people to actualize their spiritual goals. 

I am also a mother of two little kids. Being a mother I have been able to acquire and develop qualities that I did not have before. I am more caring, patient, responsible, and loving. As a parent, it has enhanced my love for my own parents and has taught me to appreciate patience and sacrifice.  

JOYful Giving Season

We invite you to join us in Giving JOYfully this year:

Read more.

Thank you Lunch-In Supporters!

We are so grateful to you for supporting our families at our very first Lunch-In. We have created a new gratitude list to celebrate you and your commitment to helping our families build brighter futures. Thank you!

Meet Our Student Parents and Program Alumnae

During It’s a Goodwin Lunch-in we introduced you to our student parents and caught up with parents who had been in our program. Here are their video highlights from the event…

Meet Shariffa

Meet Ruby

Meet April

Meet Lisa

Meet Robyn