Our New Brand

Dear Friends,

For more than 112 years, we have helped create brighter futures for local families. For many of those years, we were the Seattle Milk Fund—a beloved charity with a rich history of great work, friendship, and fundraising.

Earlier this year, our Board decided to move forward with a rebrand because our name, Seattle Milk Fund, no longer reflected our mission. We embarked on a journey to find a new brand that would give a nod to our history and could launch us into the future.

During our research phase, we came across a past Board President whose name sparked our imaginations. Eda Goodwin was an eloquent and caring force of nature for Seattle Milk Fund and other local charities.

We decided to rebrand Seattle Milk Fund as Goodwin Connections in celebration of Eda’s intrepid and generous spirit. Goodwin also represents what we want for all the families we serve: to have a “good win” that will put them on the path to a more secure, stable financial future.

We are excited about our new brand. In addition to the name, our logo’s bold and bright color scheme represents our student parents and their brave decision to create brighter futures for themselves and their children through educational opportunities. The tree and circles symbolize strength, family roots, generational growth, and prosperity.

This rebrand will allow us to support even more families as we expand our reach into the greater Seattle community. Goodwin Connections will continue to make quality childcare and preschool more affordable for low-income families. We serve families who are determined to get ahead with the help of a college degree. The only thing standing in their way is the last piece of the puzzle…childcare.

We thank you for your continued support. If you have questions about our rebrand, we would love to speak with you. Connect with us anytime.

All the best,

Terry Dessert                                                  Maggie Skinner
Board President                                             Executive Director
terrydessert1@gmail.com                     maggie@goodwinconnections.org